Turn your customers into brand ambassadors

Our Shopify plugin allows you to easily create, distribute and utilize digital collectibles to enable next-generation loyalty programs.

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Take your customer relationships to the next level

Narratic is your one-stop solution covering the whole lifecycle from creating a collection to tracking information about their usage – directly from within Shopify.

  • Create collections

    Generate digital versions of your products with ease based on the data you already have on Shopify.

  • Distribute & sell

    Send digital collectibles to your customers as part of your normal check-out or sell them as separate products – you choose.

  • Give benefits

    Restrict access to special products and offer special promotions to your most loyal customers.

  • Gain insights

    Track detailed post-purchase behavior post-purchase and tap into entirely novel ways of customer engagement.

Fully compatible with all major blockchain ecosystems

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Increased customer engagement and loyalty

Create a more engaging and immersive customer experience, leading to increased customer loyalty and repeat business.

Additional products and revenue streams  

By creating and selling digital collectibles, you can generate income from your product portfolio and new creations.

New ways for cross-promotion

Collaborate with other creators and cross-promote each other's products, leading to increased visibility and sales.

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What is a digital collectible exactly?

Technically, a digital collectible is a non-fungible token (NFT) that is running on a blockchain and that is designed exactly as you wish. Your collectible can represent rights to anything you could think of. Users can store it in their wallet and carry it around.

Are digital collectibles bad for the environment?

Short: No.
Technical: Our system is running on the Polygon blockchain which is has a CO2 footprint that is negligible.
Nerdy: Check out this article.

Do my customers need to know anything upfront?

Not at all, the system is entirely opt-in and any novice user can get started right away – no experience or applications required.

What is your pricing model?

We are currently offering a free ride to all beta users. Once that phase is through, we will be charging a small commission based on the value of the item being sold. Token gating will always remain free.

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